Cost Of Landscaping Services
Pricing landscape services is not an exact science. What is included in square foot pricing models?

Similar to new home construction, the landscaping industry also has median standards and metrics of square foot installation costs that can be used as a guideline. But, unlike new home construction, there are variables when working in the landscape that can affect the cost of landscaping services significantly.

Cost of building a landscape wall

Using square foot installation pricing can be tricky business. Many landscape contractors assume “installation” means excavation and base preparation is all included. How can installing a retaining wall around ledge be the same as digging out a base for a retaining wall on sand? There is a wide range of concrete retaining block products available on the market today. The prices of landscape block can vary as much as 60%, depending on the type of block you choose. Another factor that affects the cost of landscaping in New Hampshire is the site itself. Not all the land here is flat! It may not be accessible with equipment that will make the project more efficient. Staging and scheduling the delivery of gravels and other materials in smaller quantities may be necessary on a smaller work site.

At Groundhog Landscaping we have never been shy about revealing our pricing. Every spring we send put out a mailer with our material prices on them. We are confident that the price of our bark mulch, screened loam, and gravels are the best around. On our website you will find a range of square foot industry costs for patio installation and building retaining walls of stone or concrete. We provide this information to help potential customers get a basic construction budget together, but these are not complete costs. For the most part we find our landscape construction pricing falls within these cost parameters, but we will never give you a fixed price over the phone. Our landscape estimator will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your project.

As a homeowner or commercial business owner, you would be wise to get at least three quotes for the work you want done. At Groundhog Landscaping, we want you to make an informed decision. We are very aware of our competitors pricing, and we believe one of the greatest assets of our company is our ability to compete in the area of price, while maintaining a standard of quality in the installation that is second to none. If you are considering a landscaping project this year, call us today to schedule a free estimate.