Granite Steps and Posts

Granite steps and posts are the perfect way to accentuate any hardscaping installation. In New Hampshire, granite used in landscape applications is gray – which means it is compatible with most colors of retaining wall block and pavers. Installing granite, a natural native stone, into a retaining wall or walkway project gives it a feeling of permanence.

Granite walkway steps and entry stairs – a solid solution.

One of the most common applications for granite is replacing the front entry stairs. In home construction, builders will usually include a set of precast concrete steps. As the ground settles, these stairs inevitably sink – tipping back towards the house or towards the front and losing the first step into the grade. When clients call us to install a new front walkway, the decision is also made to replace the front stairs with granite.

At Groundhog Landscaping, our front entry granite stair installation process includes pouring a 4-inch concrete slab foundation before installing the granite. Once in place, these steps never move.

We typically install 4-foot or 5-foot wide split-faced granite steps in walkways that require a steeper elevation change. The split-faced steps fit neatly within the retaining wall terraces that make the transitions in grade. As these steps are part of a walkway construction project, the compacted gravel base is sufficient to keep them stable. Granite steps have a durable, nonslip surface for walking and are unaffected by ice melt products.

Granite lamp posts and mailbox posts – an elegant way to welcome you home.

The granite lamp posts and mailbox posts that we install can be either a rock faced with a hand-hewn relief, or split face with a smooth finish. Granite mailbox post installations include the mailbox bracket. A lamp post installation includes the wiring trench; however, a licensed electrician must make the house connection and install the lamp head.

At Groundhog Landscaping, we always provide the option for granite steps and posts to clients who want to feel more grounded to the earth and have their home presented with elegance – New Hampshire style!

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