We offer a full range of sand and gravel products for any landscape construction or sitework project. Large quantities of aggregates are available for delivery on short notice – and at a discounted rate – thanks to our gravel processing operation in Chester NH.

If you’re not familiar with purchasing gravel products, here is a brief description of our aggregates:

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Gravel Processing

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Materials Delivery

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Groundhog Landscaping Materials Delivery

For the fastest service, we recommend calling our landscaping office at (603) 437-4464. The prices below are for material only. Delivery fees are based on location and quantity. Contractor discounts available.

*Groundhog Landscaping is not responsible for material quantities calculated by this tool or by consumer

3/4” Crushed Gravel$30.00$400.00
1 ½” Crushed Gravel$30.00$400.00
3/8” Crushed Stone$35.00$500.00
3/4“ Crushed Stone$30.00$450.00
1 ½” Crushed Stone$30.00$400.00
3/8” Pea Stone$54.00$850.00
3/4” River Stone$53.00$825.00
1 ½”-2” River Stone$53.00$825.00
2-6” Erosion Stone$35.00$400.00
Screened Sand$36.00$400.00
Stone Dust$30.00$400.00

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