Lawn Services
Our lawn services are designed with our customers in mind.

This premium lawn services program has been designed to achieve the best possible results. Listed below is our standard lawn care program and is not a complete list of services. Your program may vary based upon your lawn’s particular needs and the services you have opted for. The following schedule is approximate and subject to change based on New Hampshire’s seasonal weather conditions.

Application 1 (April 1st – May 4) We will fertilize the lawn with a balanced blend, apply a pre-emergent crabgrass preventive, and test your soil pH

Seasonal Tip: To get the best kick from your first fertilizer application, make sure that your spring clean up is done before we start fertilizing and that your mower blade is sharp.

Application 2 (May 6 – June 8)    We will fertilize the lawn, apply liquid broad leaf weed control, and pre-post emergent crabgrass control

Seasonal Tip: Mow more frequently. Turf tends to grow quickly this time of year and you should never cut off more than 30% of the grass in one cut.

Application 3 (June 10 – July 13) We will fertilize the lawn, apply surface insect control, grub preventive, and liquid broad leaf weed control

Seasonal Tip: This time of year insects become very active and tick sprays are most effective. To prevent lawn from being stressed, provide 1 -2 in. of water consistently each week.

Application 4 (July 15 – Aug 17) We will apply a balanced fertilizer with an increased rate of iron (5%) and also apply liquid broadleaf weed control

Seasonal Tip: Summer heat and stresses to your lawn are at their worst.  Keep watering and cut the turf at 3 inches or higher to shade the roots.

Application 5 (Aug 19 – Sept 21) We will apply a balanced fertilizer, liquid broadleaf weed control, and a calcitic lime treatment

Seasonal Tip: This is the time of year to help your lawn recover from a tough summer.  Aeration and seeding is the single best thing to do to rejuvenate a summer-stressed lawn.

Application 6 (Sept 23 – Oct 26) We will apply a fertilizer with a higher rate of potassium to prepare your lawn for winter, and test your soil’s pH

Seasonal Tip: At the end of the season you can lower your mower blades. Shorter turf with less debris over winter reduces the effects of a snow mold problem the following spring.

Lawn Mowing Services – We offer lawn mowing in the following locations:

  • Auburn
  • Bedford
  • Chester
  • Derry
  • Hudson
  • Londonderry
  • Manchester
  • Merrimack
  • Pelham
  • Salem
  • Windham