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New Hampshire is in the heart of hardwood country. Because of this, bark mulch is a very popular and readily available material to use around your trees and shrubs. It does an excellent job preventing weeds and holding moisture in the soil around landscape plants. At Groundhog Landscaping, we sell a lot of bark mulch.… Read More »

Winter in New Hampshire can be fun – but it can also be dangerous. As seasoned commercial snow removal contractors, we have seen how unpredictable winter storms can be. When the snow is coming down at one or 2 inches per hour – you can even be lost in your own neighborhood! In storms like… Read More »

Fall is the best time to plant shade trees in New Hampshire. It’s also a good time to think about “sprucing up” your yard now that summer is over and life is back to normal. When considering the best shade trees for New Hampshire landscapes, you first have to consider why you are planting it.… Read More »

Perennial gardening is an art. No doubt about that. To be the envy of the neighborhood year after year the same dependable display of flowers is something to be proud of. Today I like to share a little secret about how to get perennial color year after year without having to pamper your flower beds.… Read More »

We all have enjoyed the cool moist spring weather in southern New Hampshire this year. Our lawn care services have managed to keep up with the demand, all the while dodging raindrops! Lawns everywhere are lush and green and growing well. But that is about to change. As hot summer months approach, the needs of… Read More »

Groundhog Landscaping in Londonderry, New Hampshire has added organic garden compost and compost enriched topsoil to their landscape materials division. Since the company began in 1994, delivery of landscape materials such as bark mulch, screened loam, and gravels have always represented a significant amount of their annual sales. In 2013, the owner, Todd Bahan, noticed… Read More »

Do you feel like your backyard could use a makeover? Do you have great space but aren’t sure what to do with it? Would you like to extend some of your home elements into the backyard? If so, then you might want to consider landscaping your backyard. There are numerous ideas and ways to create… Read More »

Groundhog Landscaping has officially opened a new NH lawn care services division to compliment its service offerings. In a recent press release, Todd Bahan noted that while Groundhog Landscaping has been providing landscape construction and landscaping maintenance services to its client base for more than 15 years, it did not have a formal lawn care… Read More »

Consider Pool Pavers For Your Pool Area Despite the relatively short summer months in New Hampshire, nothing is better on a hot summer day then slipping into a nice clean pool and enjoying the elegance and charm of a landscaped area. If the pool was surrounded by dirt and grass and mud, the pool would… Read More »

Here comes the snow! After the unexpected snow storm we had at the end of October, New Englanders know that it’s never too early to begin preparing for winter snow storms! Like it or not, winter and NH snow storms are inevitable. Right now, the final leaves are falling from the trees and the air… Read More »