Groundhog Landscaping is New Hampshire's leading landscape company on price, production, and quality.

6 Bowers Road Derry NHWe know our costs. The reason we can offer competitive pricing in our landscaping services is because we closely manage our costs. At Groundhog Landscaping, we own and maintain all of our equipment, purchase our landscape materials in bulk, and employ local landscapers who have been working for Groundhog Landscaping for years. This results in high productivity, projects that run efficiently, and are completed on time. We are able to pass the savings on to you.

Delivering value. There is a lot of competition for landscapers in the Southern New Hampshire area. With over 817 registered landscape companies in the state, nearly 200 of them are within 35 miles of Manchester. For a landscaping company to compete in that kind of market, they must deliver value – not just have a competitive price for landscape services. Consumers also expect a quality product delivered on time with personalized service.

That’s what you will find at Groundhog Landscaping. We are fully staffed, fully equipped, and fully insured. Both our construction and maintenance crews are experienced in producing professional results. When you call our office, our office manager or division leader answers the phone. Work estimates are scheduled within 24 hours. When you contract with us, your landscape project is completed on time and within budget.

We stake our reputation on it. That’s why we are “the best around without a shadow of a doubt!”