Weekly Lawn Mowing

Groundhog Landscaping provides Residential Weekly Lawn Mowing services in the towns of Derry, Londonderry, Bedford, Windham and Salem New Hampshire only.

Weekly lawn maintenance vs. seasonal contracts.

For residential clients, our weekly lawn maintenance services are billed after each cut. We find that it works better this way because – although a typical mowing season runs from May 1 to October 15 – there are occasions when our mowing crew may skip a cut in a dry summer or cut into early November in the case of a warm fall where the grass keeps growing.

What can you expect from Groundhog’s weekly mowing services?

Our standard weekly mowing services run for about 30 weeks. The crew that is assigned to your property is the same crew that will cut it every week. On-site, they cut the lawn, trim the edges and blow down the driveway and walkways. If you have opted for spring cleanup and fall cleanup services, these crews will be performing those as well.

Frequent mowing and a blade height of 3 ½ inches keeps the turf grass from being stressed in the summer and provides for optimal growth. We lower our blades for a shorter cut the last mowing to better pick up leaf debris and prevent snow mold from happening over the winter.

We are a full-service lawn care company.

Aside from keeping the grass cut, frequent visits from our landscape maintenance crew ensures that other aspects of the client’s property are in good working order as well. If there is an irrigation problem or turf issue, they can notify those divisions at Groundhog Landscaping and Groundhog Turf Care to address them. However, we highly recommend being on our lawn fertilization and irrigation maintenance schedule for the best lawn care possible.

Did you ever wonder if mowing your lawn after fertilizing sucks up the fertilizer? Check out this video demonstration by Nick Makris, the manager of our Turf Care division:

Weekly Mowing Services are provided by Groundhog Landscaping, not the turf care division. Please call our main office at (603) 437-4464 option #1 to get on lawn mowing schedule.

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