Spring is definitely bark mulch season at Groundhog Landscaping! More than half of the 10,000 yards of bark mulch we sell in a year is distributed over an eight-week period of time. We have two bark blowing trucks that can each install up to 100 yards of bark mulch per day. Our landscape materials centers in Derry and Londonderry provides bulk bark mulch deliveries anywhere from 2 yards to 30 yards at a time.

For the fastest service, we recommend calling our landscaping office at (603) 437-4464 and scheduling as far in advance as possible. The prices below are for material only. Delivery fees are based on location and quantity. For bark blowing services, add $30 per yard installed.

Calculating Mulch*

To determine how much mulch you need, use our calculator here

Bark Blowing

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Bark Blowing

Material Delivery

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Groundhog Landscaping Materials Delivery

*Groundhog Landscaping is not responsible for material quantities calculated by this tool or by consumer

Black Cedar$39.00$740.00
Red Cedar$39.00$740.00
Hemlock Blend$37.00$700.00
Pine Blend$34.00$640.00
Playground Chips#37.00$700.00

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