Irrigation Installation

Whether you have a new lawn or an existing lawn, an irrigation installation is the best investment you can make in your landscape. Regular watering means a lush, green lawn in all seasons. When turf grass is thick it inhibits weed growth and is better able to resist insect attacks. Combined with Groundhog Turf Care’s lawn fertilization program, your yard will be the showcase of the neighborhood!

How does an irrigation installation work in an existing lawn?

If you have an existing lawn, you don’t need to worry about an irrigation installation tearing it up. We use state-of-the-art equipment that only slices the turf while pulling the pipe under the ground. Sprinkler heads and valve boxes are the only areas where your lawn will be dug up – in those areas we replace the sod if possible or re-seed. In a few weeks you’ll never know a sprinkler system was installed!

An irrigation system is a must for a new lawn.

Moisture is critical during the first year to establish a new lawn. The hose-and-sprinkler method is notoriously inconsistent, despite the best intentions. Either it’s too heavy – and washes away the seed – or too long in between watering dries out the tender roots. An irrigation system guarantees success for the new lawn, and a consistently healthy one for years to come.

Lawn irrigation is only as good as the design.

We carefully consider the shady areas, sunny areas and planting beds in designing a lawn irrigation system. While you can get up to five rotors on one watering zone, we may use only three to better manage the amount of water and avoid saturating a shady area. Have you got plants? We will set up separate drip zones to deep-water your trees and shrubs. Are you planning to expand your yard? We will size the system accordingly and design it to be added on to in the future.

Our systems use innovative, water-smart technology.

We offer options with all of the irrigation systems we install. One of those options is a wireless smart-controller that adjusts your watering cycles according to current weather conditions. You control the irrigation system settings through an app on your smartphone. This eliminates the need for rain sensors and manually adjusting your irrigation controller as the seasonal watering requirements change.

Click here learn more about the Rachio smart watering system

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