Tree and Shrub Planting

Tree and shrub planting projects in a commercial setting often happen in new construction, after a real estate transaction, or simply to upgrade the look of an older commercial building. Building codes in many towns have green space requirements with specific plants and shade trees for parking lots. Regardless of the circumstances, we believe that Groundhog Landscaping is best suited for managing your landscape installation

Planting projects must be done efficiently.

When dealing with living material like trees and shrubs, it’s imperative that they get in the ground quickly. Contractor scheduling is the bane of existence for any project manager. Cost overruns are inevitable when projects take longer than they should. When it comes to planting trees and shrubs, however, the replacement cost can be even higher when plant material that sits out of the ground for an extended period of time. It often becomes heat stressed and dies soon after planting.

Groundhog Landscaping does much more than tree and shrub planting.

With over 65 employees performing every aspect of landscape construction and maintenance, we bring more to the table than just a tree planting crew. We provide excavation services, our own quality soil and compost, drip irrigation to ensure the tree survival, and bark mulch to finish it off and retain moisture in the soil. When general contractors hire us to manage the tree and shrub planting project completely, it yields the best result for the best cost. And, to make sure these new plantings thrive in that critical first year, we recommend a tree and shrub care program from Groundhog Turf Care to eradicate any pests that may be on the plants and deep root fertilize them so that they take to the soil quickly.

Tree and shrub planting makes old buildings look new!

Overgrown trees and shrubs in front of a commercial building, retail store, or restaurant are deterrent to foot traffic and create a perception that business behind them is low-quality. Our landscape installation crew can do a quick facelift outside these businesses to drive more traffic and thus higher profits. There are less vacancies in a commercial space that is well-landscaped. When considering the cost of tree and shrub planting, consider the ROI of curb appeal!

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