Irrigation Maintenance

A well-maintained lawn irrigation system is essential to both water conservation and the success of any landscape. Turf grass stays green and grows all summer with just the right amount of water. The growth rate of irrigated trees and shrubs is double that of those in non-irrigated yards.

Irrigation system maintenance is necessary in New Hampshire.

Living in a frost zone with very different seasons presents different challenges for irrigation systems. This requires at least two scheduled irrigation maintenance visits to prevent damage and potential water loss. We call them “spring startups” and “winterizing services.”

Spring startups – Scheduled startups in the spring give our service techs a chance to test the entire system – check for leaks, replace heads damaged from snowplows, and make sure that the zones are optimized for the best watering schedule.

Winterizing services – All lawn sprinkler systems in New Hampshire need to have the water blown out of the lines and heads before freezing temperature set in. If this is not done, serious damage can happen to components of the system like heads, valve manifolds, and backflow preventers. Some leaks can go undetected, resulting in excessive water loss.

Irrigation service calls must be responsive.

Whether it’s a leak or an entire system that stops working, we consider a service call an emergency. Groundhog Landscaping has three full-time service techs on call with fully stocked trucks for immediate response to these emergencies. Our irrigation services division also handles the scheduled spring and fall maintenance, non-emergency repairs and system upgrades.

Is mid-season maintenance needed?

Your lawn has different watering needs in each season. While some irrigation companies provide scheduled mid-season maintenance service calls to adjust watering cycles, at Groundhog Landscaping we prefer to either set up a separate watering schedule for summer that the client can manually switch over or provide the option of installing a wireless smart-controller that automatically adjusts watering cycles based on local weather conditions.

The Rachio wireless controller uses an app that allows the homeowner to manually adjust their lawn sprinkler system from wherever they are. Most of our irrigation installation customers opt for this technology. We can also upfit an existing system with the Rachio wireless controller.

Irrigation Maintenance Services are provided by Groundhog Landscaping, not the turf care division. Please call our main office at (603) 437-4464 (option #1) to get on our spring startup and/or winterizing services schedule.

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