Landscape Plantings

One of the best investments you can make for your home – and the environment – are landscape plantings. Trees and shrubs act as sound buffers, reducing noise pollution, and filtering out dirty air. They soften the hard lines of construction with greenery, provide privacy and color. Homes with a mature landscape also command a higher price in the real estate market.

With so many options for landscape plants, where to you begin?

A lot of homeowners make emotional decisions when they see a cute little plant in the nursery. They bring it home and plant it by the front door. In 10 years, they are using the side door because they can’t find the front door anymore! Proper selection of landscape plants begins with “right plant right place.” Knowing how the plant grows (spreading, upright etc.) and its potential size is the most important factor for choosing a plant for the home landscape.

The best decision is to hire Groundhog for your next planting project!

Groundhog Landscaping takes the guesswork out of landscape planting projects. Installing trees and shrubs is something that we do every day. We start with your goals and vision for your yard and convert that to a plan – whether formally on paper or simply having our crew fill in areas for you based on our knowledge of plants and landscape design.

How long will it take your landscape plantings to fill in?

As the old saying goes: “In the first year the plant sleeps, the second year it creeps, and third year it leaps.” The faster a plant can take to the new soil, the sooner you will see top growth. You can hasten that process by hiring Groundhog Turf Care to take care of your new landscape plants with their Tree and Shrub Program. Spraying the plants to kill the pests that may be on them combined with deep root fertilizing gives your plants the best chance of filling in fast and providing that real estate ROI you are looking for sooner!

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