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At Groundhog Landscaping, we don’t just service our own residential and commercial clients. We partner with our competition by making a wide range of contractor services available to them. When large construction projects go efficiently, everybody makes money. We encourage landscape contractors to take advantage of our equipment and capacity for high-volume production. After all, we are all in this business to make money!

Services for Landscape Contractors…our CO-petitors, not Competitors.

The word “competitor” comes from the Latin competere, which means to “strive in common, strive after something in company with or together.” At Groundhog Landscaping, it has always been our philosophy that – with so much in common – competitors should work with each other instead of against each other.

Here are some of the services that we provide for landscape contractors:

We value our relationship with other landscape companies.

Landscape companies represent a significant percentage of our client base. While we may sometimes compete at the bidding table, we will never badmouth or undermine our competitors in any way. When we work as a subcontractor on a competitors clients’ property, we will never make attempts to poach the client.

Are you a landscape company in southern New Hampshire? Let’s partner and grow our businesses together! Give our landscaping office a call at (603) 437-4464 (option #1) to see how we can help you.

Here’s what other contractors have to say about Groundhog Landscaping:

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