Seasonal Color

Most landscape trees and shrubs bloom for a period of 3 to 4 weeks from early to late spring. Perennial flowers typically start blooming in Midsummer stretching into fall. You might say that any landscape plant that blooms year after year in New Hampshire is seasonal color.

Seasonal color services fill in the gaps.

One way to effectively have continuing color throughout the season is to fill in with annual flowers. Seasonal Color Services is a program where we identify the high-impact areas of your landscape – front entry, lampposts, or with commercial properties signage and customer entryway pots – and plant summer-to-frost blooming annuals. Seasonal color could also include spring bulb planting and fall mums.

Are annual flowers maintenance-free?

Nothing that grows in the landscape is maintenance free! Annual flowers need regular watering and deadheading to grow strong and look their best. They only have one season to do it! Groundhog Landscaping has the capability to provide irrigation and maintenance for seasonal color plantings, however these are additional costs and should be considered prior to planting.

Perennial flowers are an alternative to annuals.

Clients that are on a budget but need something to fill in the gaps can opt for perennials. We can recommend hardy, long-blooming perennials that will provide some color throughout the year. Although perennial flowers have a limited bloom time, the benefits of year after year flowers and – in some cases – attractive foliage can sometimes fit the bill. A perennial flower design should be done by a professional who will select plants that not only the right bloom time, but also will not overgrow the area in which they are planted.

If you need help adding a pop of color to your yard, call our landscaping office at (603) 437-4464 to schedule a free seasonal color consultation.

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