Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring and fall cleanups are the seasonal “bookends” for all landscape maintenance services. Because landscaping in New Hampshire is limited to eight months or so, there is an accelerated to do list when it comes to spring and fall. At Groundhog Landscaping, we find it works best to consider this an à la carte service; however, most of our lawn maintenance clients opt to have spring and fall cleanups as well.

Spring lawn cleanups…waking up from winter.

Winter leaves a mess on the lawn and shrub beds. Acorns, pinecones and downed branches litter the landscape. Broken branches in the landscape tree and shrubs. The lawn is winter-weary, too. Matted down grass, snow mold and thatch smother the emerging grass like a blanket.

Within a day’s time, Groundhog Landscaping’s maintenance crews can have your lawn and landscape revived and ready for spring. Our spring lawn cleanups can include the following services:

  1. Blowout of beds
  2. Winter debris removal
  3. Pruning of broken branches
  4. Lawn de-thatching
  5. Vac-mowing of lawn
  6. Bed edging
  7. Bark mulching

Fall leaf cleanups… putting your yard to bed

We all love fall leaves in New Hampshire…until they fall to the ground! While the to-do list for fall cleanups is not as diverse as spring cleanups, it is a continual process to maintain a pristine yard. Fall leaf cleanup season stretches from late September to mid-November, depending on the type of trees in your yard.

This is why our lawn maintenance clients love fall cleanup services! Mowing season generally ends mid-to-late October. Weekly visits keep ahead of the ever-falling leaves and maintain the lawn as well.

Fall leaf cleanups can also be added as an à la carte service for homeowners who prefer to maintain their own lawns. Each cleanup is billed after the service has been performed, and the client can opt for as many fall cleanup events as they wish.

Do you want to take your weekends back? Give Groundhog Landscaping a call to schedule a free consultation and set you up with our end-to-end landscape maintenance program!

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