Retaining Walls

If there’s one thing New Hampshire residents know about their state, it is this – the land is rarely flat! To get the most use out of your landscape you often need to install a retaining wall. Retaining walls level front walkways with attractive terracing or extend backyard with play areas and raised patios for entertaining.

Concrete block walls are decorative and solid.

Concrete retaining wall blocks have come a long way since they were first commercially produced in 1982. Today, they are tumbled to an antique finish to resemble natural stone. More than just gray, retaining wall blocks come in a wide selection of natural earth tones that match virtually any home siding you see in New Hampshire.

While it may look easy to install a landscape wall with landscape block, it takes some skill to build a solid straight wall that will hold back the earth behind it. It’s worth it to hire a retaining wall contractor to do the job right! Proper base excavation and compaction, adequate drainage stone behind the wall, and knowing how high a wall can be built without terracing or reinforcement grid are all critical to the success of a retaining wall project.

Groundhog Landscaping builds a lot of retaining walls!

The construction crews at Groundhog Landscaping are very skilled at building walls out of concrete block. We do a lot of it! Like installing walkways, retaining wall installations are often the first construction phase of a landscape plan. Also known as “hardscaping,” retaining walls, patios and walkways provide a permanent structure for landscape plantings like trees shrubs, perennials flowers and turf grass.

Groundhog Landscaping can assist you in with your retaining wall project in whatever capacity you need us to. We can excavate the site, deliver the proper gravel and stone, install the wall, or do the entire project right down to the loam and hydroseeding. Just call us! We will meet with you to discuss your project and provide you with a free estimate on the installation of a new retaining wall.

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