Screened Loam and Fill

At Groundhog Landscaping we have a unique advantage in the lawn installation business in that we create our own screened loam and fill. There’s nothing more frustrating than grading out topsoil that is loaded with rocks or that washes away after the first rain because it is cut with sand. In sifting our own loam, we have the opportunity to produce screened loam that’s easy to work with and guarantees the results of the lawns we install.

We have compost too!

Aside from loam, we also screen out thousands of yards of compost at our Chester facility. Primarily composed of yard waste like leaves and grass, this compost is perfect for tree and shrub planting and vegetable gardens. Our Super Loam product is a 50-50 mix of compost and screened loam.

If you’ve got a big yard project, we’ve got it all right here. We would be happy to come out and estimate the amount of fill and loam you would need to complete your yard expansion project.

Loam and Fill Pricing

The prices below are for material only. Delivery fees are based on location and quantity. For the fastest service, we recommend calling our landscaping office at (603) 437-4464.

Loam $27.00 $400.00$300.00
Super Loam$38.00$620.00$520.00
Screened Fill (1” minus)$18.00$240.00$160.00
Unscreened Fill (1” minus)N/A$200.00$120.00
Salt$125.00$125.00 per ton delivered

*Retail orders of (3) full Triaxle loads receives contractor pricing

Prices subject to change. Please confirm pricing with our office prior to purchase.

Calculate Loam*

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Material Delivery

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Material Haul Away

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