Lawn Renovation

Lawn fertilization programs and irrigation systems go a long way in creating healthy turf. Regular watering takes advantage of the entire growing season. When in the hands of a trained turf professional, a lot of turf problems can be remedied and prevented by timely applications of quality lawn products. Unfortunately, sometimes lawn fertilizing programs and irrigation systems are not enough.

Renovation services bring new life to struggling turf.

Lawn renovation is simply using a mechanical means to revitalize turf grass and correct adverse conditions. And it’s not just weak turf that struggles! Thick, healthy turf will choke out water and nutrients. These are some of the strategies that we use to correct these problems:

Lawns that are 50% gone are difficult to revive using lawn renovation strategies.

After evaluating your lawn, our service technician may recommend re-loaming and seeding. Consider using our landscaping division to install a new one. We screen our own loam and perform all the services with in-house crews: from grading to irrigation and hydroseed.

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