Pool Hardscaping

Anyone who has installed an inground swimming pool knows that it’s a much bigger project than just putting in the pool. Oftentimes the ground needs to be leveled. There are pool patio options other than the poured concrete deck that the pool contractor may have quoted. These are just a few options of pool hardscaping that a homeowner should consider before signing a contract to install a swimming pool.

Start a pool area hardscaping “wish list.”

The options for hardscaping around a pool area are very extensive and vary greatly in cost. We recommend first starting with a wish list – and then prioritizing that list based on needs and wants.

Once you’ve got your wish list, speak with our landscape design consultant to get some approximate pricing on these features. Then prioritize the “must-have” from the “would-be-nice” list. There are non-negotiables in a pool hardscape project – you need to have a fence, some kind of pool deck, and quite possibly a retaining wall for structural reasons. Come up with a plan based on your budget. Some of the items you want could be installed later but require planning ahead – like running irrigation or underground utilities before beginning the hardscape construction.

Plan your backyard pool project well in advance.

When you have decided what you want and how much it will cost, the best advice we can give is to get it scheduled far enough in advance. While it only makes take three weeks to install a swimming pool, the hardscaping and landscaping can extend that project to six weeks or more.

Let Groundhog Landscaping coordinate your pool hardscaping project!

Swimming pool installers do just that – install pools. They’re not going to give much thought to your backyard oasis dreams. At Groundhog Landscaping, we have the infrastructure and resources to completely manage your backyard swimming pool hardscaping project from start to finish. We will work with the pool company to coordinate schedules and keep the project running efficiently so you can enjoy your pool sooner.

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