Tick and Mosquito Spraying

We know how much you have invested in your yard. Our landscape construction crews install a beautiful patios and plantings for our clients; and our landscape maintenance crews keep them looking pristine. With all that invested, we believe should be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately, mosquitoes and ticks make that difficult. That’s why we added tick and mosquito spraying services to Groundhog Turf Care’s offerings.

Not all tick and mosquito spraying services are the same.

We have researched the competition and decided to do it better. Most mosquito spraying services use a backpack fogger. Mosquitoes, however, hide on the undersides of leaves up to 25 feet above the ground. Foggers cannot reach that high. Groundhog turf care has invested in a truck-mounted pressurize sprayer that easily reaches that 25-foot height for better mosquito control.

Ticks and mosquitoes have different habitats.

An effective tick and mosquito spraying program takes into account where each pest hides and when they are most vulnerable to controls. For example, ticks are most active at the nymph stage in March and October. Our first and last spray applications are targeting low brushy areas and stone walls.

Mosquitoes are most active from mid-June until the end of September. They tend to hide in woods lines and shade and areas. Our mosquito controls will target those areas more frequently throughout the summer.

Is it harmful to pets and children?

We get this question asked a lot in the answer is unequivocally “no!” The controls we use are sourced from chrysanthemum flowers and other botanical compounds. All tick and mosquito companies are restricted to using a set amount of control per acre per season. They must use their product wisely to be effective. All things considered, with New Hampshire having the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the country, we believe the benefit of protection far outweighs the environmental impact.

For more information on tick and mosquito spraying, check out Groundhog Turf Care’s website

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