New Lawn Installation

Without a doubt, the lawn is the most important curb appeal feature of a suburban landscape. A lush green lawn that is well-maintained says something about the homeowner who lives there. In preparing a house for sale, realtors will always tell you make your lawn look good. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible if the turf has succumbed to insects, drought or disease. It may be time for a new lawn installation.

A lawn installation should start with a good foundation.

There are three things that determine the success of a lawn installation: soil, water, and fertilizer. At Groundhog Landscaping, we recognize the importance of good soil when we prepare a lawn for seed. With an excavation division, we have all of the equipment we need to work the site grading and make the most of what’s there. After the site is graded, we top-dress the graded area with 4 inches of our own screened loam.

Water ensures the success of a new lawn.

We rarely install a new lawn without installing an irrigation system. It is that important not only for getting the seed to grow, but to ensure the success of the turf grass for years to come. At Groundhog Landscaping, we have our own in-house irrigation installation team and three full-time service techs to address any needs and maintain our clients systems year after year.

Two turf options for a lawn installation: Hydroseed or Sod.

At Groundhog, we hydroseed 90% of the lawns that we install. It is simply the best way to ensure a fast start to a new lawn installation, regardless of the season. Our standard hydroseeding product is a sun and shade blend that is roughly 30% perennial rye, 30% bluegrass and 30% fescue grasses. It makes a beautiful suburban lawn. We will customize the seed blend, however, at the client’s request.

Our landscaping crew will install a sod lawn when it is appropriate. Pool landscapes that have smaller areas making hydroseeding difficult, or a property that need an instant lawn. New clients often think they want sod, until they realize it is 10 times the price of hydroseed per square foot! If you can wait three months, your hydroseeded lawn will look as good as sod.

If you’re wondering as to whether or not you need to replace your lawn – or you’re looking for follow-up care on your new lawn – call Groundhog Turf Care at (603) 505-8587 to schedule an appointment with a lawn care specialist.

If you know you need a new lawn installed, call our landscaping office at (603) 437-4464 to schedule an appointment with our landscape construction manager.

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