Gravel Processing and Loam Screening

At Groundhog Landscaping, we have the bulk material benefits of a gravel pit combined with the personalized service of a landscape materials delivery company. Our gravel processing and loam screening operation has given us the flexibility to offer quality earth products at gravel pit prices. Our diverse fleet of trucks can get a gravel or loam delivery of any quantity to any location within a day’s time.

How did we get into processing gravel and screening loam?

We began processing gravel and screening loam around 2014 when we started doing larger excavation jobs. After we purchased our shop location on 5 acres in Derry New Hampshire, we sifted hundreds of yards of quality loam from that property. We have since partnered with landowners and other excavation companies to process earth materials on their locations.

Gravel processing and loam screening is good for us…and good for you!

Our gravel processing and loam screening operation has freed us up on our own projects, creating quality gravel and loam without having to wait on delivery schedules. Currently, we are able to screen about 1,000 yards of loam per day. That’s a lot more material than we will ever use!

We have a diverse group of customers who purchase both large and small quantities from us. Here are some examples of what they buy from us and why:

On-site gravel processing and loam screening services still available!

Very soon we will be starting operations at a 154-acre property in Chester New Hampshire with approximately 1,000,000 yards of available landscape material. It’s going to keep us busy for a while! However, as of 2021, Groundhog Landscaping is still available for on-site screening services. Do you have a piece of land you’re developing and want to process landscape materials from? We would be interested in talking with you.

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