Hydroseeding Services

Hydroseed is by far the best method of seeding a new lawn. With superior erosion control, moisture retention and fertilizer, a hydroseeded lawn germinates within 10 to 14 days and fills in within three months – even through the summer when it’s difficult to grow grass! Hydroseeding services are most successful when combined with an irrigation system installation and followed up with Groundhog Turf Care’s lawn care fertilization program. This is especially important for establishing a thick healthy lawn.

Hydroseeding services are for everyone!

Our hydroseeding services have a broad customer base – from homeowners to municipalities, homebuilders to other landscape contractors. With two hydroseeding trucks, including a 1700-gallon large capacity hydro seeder, we have the flexibility to meet most schedules, and cover wide areas without refilling.

Our hydroseed is a mixture of fiber mulch for erosion control and moisture retention; a faster release fertilizer with root stimulant to establish quickly; and a high-quality blend of northern grass seed.

Hydroseeding services with custom seed blends.

At Groundhog Landscaping, our most popular seed blend is a multi-purpose sun and shade formula made up of one third perennial rye, one third bluegrass, and one third fescue. This grows into a lush, healthy residential lawn that is also disease-resistant. However, we are happy to customize the seed blend to fit the application. For example, our athletic turf grass with deep roots is ideal for ball fields and parks that may not get sufficient water; a blend of rye and fescue grasses for lawn areas that are mostly shade; or a conservation mix for superior erosion control along highways. We can even provide wildflower seed for a more sustainable landscape!

Hydroseeding should be scheduled at least a week ahead of time if possible. We offer a discounted rate to contractors for our standard hydroseeding services. See our pricing page for more information.

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