Commercial Services

Commercial landscape maintenance services focus on curb appeal priority and is often budget-sensitive. At Groundhog Landscaping we are happy to work with property management specifications.

Seasonal services are generally broken down into Landscape Services (April-Nov) and Snow and Ice management services (Dec-Mar). We have clients who hire us to do one or both. Most commercial maintenance clients prefer bi-annual billing, although some year-round contracts can be billed monthly.

Landscape Services

  1. Weekly Mowing Services – The same crew will mow your property weekly throughout the season. Includes trimming and blowing. Clippings can be caught and removed if specified in the contract.
  2. Spring and Fall Cleanups – Blowing out of the beds in the spring, removing sticks, broken branches and winter debris. Thatching of lawn with a fresh cut starts the season off right.
  3. Bark Mulching – Our bed edging and mulching services give a crisp look to the lawn edges and a pop of color for the beds. We use a bark blower for maximum efficiency and less waste.
  4. Seasonal Color – We can add annuals to beds or in pots in high visibility areas such as entryways and signage posts.
  5. Weeding – Weekly mowing crews will periodically hand-pull weeds that come up in high-profile mulch beds to keep your property looking neat. Chemical weed control is also available.
  6. Irrigation Maintenance – Commercial irrigation maintenance services often involve repairs in addition to startups and blowouts. We have three full-time service techs on the road to fix any problem that may arise during the season.
  7. Summer Pruning – Annual shearing and/or pruning of landscape shrubs in August and September

Snow and Ice Management Services

Our commercial snow operations are unbeatable for service and flexibility:

  • Site managers regularly inspect your properties throughout the winter to ensure safe conditions.
  • We match the right pieces of equipment for the property.
  • We purchase bulk quantities of salt and salt sand to keep parking lots ice-free.
  • We have equipment ready to haul away snow piles as needed.

Click here to find out more about our Snow and Ice Management Services

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