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Landscape Materials Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words! Before ordering landscape materials, please browse our materials gallery to make sure it is the product you want. Ordering gravel products? These often have different names, depending on who you talk to! You may want to also refer to our glossary of terms to find the right material for your project.

These photos were taken at our landscape materials center in Derry, NH. However, the actual product that you receive may vary slightly in color or texture.

Bark Mulch

Black Cedar Mulch
Black Cedar Mulch
Mulch - Red Cedar Blend
Red Cedar Mulch
Hemlock Blend Mulch
Hemlock Blend
Pine Blend Mulch
Pine Blend
Mulch - Playground Chips
Playground Chips

Sand and Gravel

3-8 crushed stone
3/8″ Crushed Stone
3/4″ Crushed Stone
Sand and Gravel 1.5 Crushed Stone
1-1/2″ Crushed Stone

3/8″ Pea Stone
3/4″ River Stone
Sand and Gravel 1.5 River Stone
1-1/2″ River Stone
Sand and Gravel 3-4 Crushed Gravel
3/4 Crushed Gravel
Sand and Gravel 1-4 Crushed Gravel
1.5 Crushed Gravel
Stone Dust
Stone Dust
Concrete Sand
Screened Sand
Rock Salt
Rip-Rap or Erosion Stone

Screened Loam and Fill

Screened Loam or topsoil
Screened Loam
Garden Compost
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