Landscape Materials
When you need mulch, loam or gravel you need it fast. We deliver Landscape Materials on your schedule!

Please Note: Due to the Covid-19 virus, any customer or contractor looking to pick up materials must call the office to place and pay for their orders. We will then schedule a time for your pickup and a loader operator will be onsite to load you. We are not allowing non-employees in our offices at this time.

Springtime can be extremely busy for a landscape company in New Hampshire. We are always ready!

See our landscape materials price list here.


Bark Mulch Blower Truck

We figured out years ago that we needed to invest in equipment order to keep up with the demand for Spring bark mulch deliveries, as well as screened loam and gravels. We have 5 trucks running for landscape materials deliveries throughout southern NH, and we have two bark mulch blowers that can install bark mulch at rates of up to 100 cubic yards per day. The bottom line is, when you need your materials delivery, we can get it to you. If you hire Groundhog Landscaping to install your bark mulch, you won’t have to wait long to get it done!


How much landscape materials do you need? Use this math formula to figure it out*:

1.) Measure the square footage of the area you want to cover.
2.) Divide that number by 27. This gives you cubic yards at a 12″ depth.
3.) Multiply by the percentage of 12″ of desired the depth to come up with the total cubic yards needed**.

Example: How much mulch do I need to cover 1500 s/f at a 3″ depth?

30’x50’=1500 s/f
1500 divided by 27= 55.5 cubic yards (at 12” depth)
55.5 cubic yards x .25= 13.8

Answer: 14 cubic yards needed to cover a 1500 square foot area at a 3″ depth

*We cannot be responsible for quantity accuracy if ordered using approximate measurements
**For loam, add in 10% for settling (“fluff factor”)