Bark Mulching

Besides the groundhog coming out of his hole, there’s probably nothing more telling that spring has finally come than bark mulching. A bright, fresh coating of mulch over planting beds tells the world that winter is over and it’s time to wake up and come out of hibernation!

Isn’t mulching planting beds part of spring cleanups?

Yes, and no. Most of our clients include bed edging and mulching as part of their spring cleanup services. However, some clients prefer to apply their own mulch and opt for having mulch delivery instead; others simply want us to do mulch the planting beds while they take care of the lawn and bed clean out. We believe that offering mulching services “à la carte” gives our clients the most flexibility in their springtime yard cleanup projects.

The many benefits of bark mulch.

Aside from getting your property noticed as a harbinger of spring, mulching beds is also very good for the plants. A fresh layer of mulch provides organic material that breaks down, slowly feeding the trees and shrubs with essential nutrients to help them grow. During the summer, bark mulch absorbs the heat of the sun and retains moisture for the plant, minimizing heat stress.

And – as if that’s not enough – a 1- to 2-inch layer of mulch will inhibit most weeds from taking root in spreading into the planting bed – saving you time from having to pull weeds or use weed control products to manage them.

What’s included in Groundhog Landscaping’s mulching services?

For clients who have opted for mulching services or spring cleanups, we start with cutting a crisp, golf course lawn edge around all your planting beds. It looks nice, but most importantly it keeps the turf grass from creeping in and spreading through the bed. After the bed edging has been done, our bark blowing truck will come through and cover your beds with the mulch of your choice.

As with all our services, bark mulching is billed on a pay-as-you-go program with 50% down and 50% due at the completion of the project. If you are hiring Groundhog Landscaping to perform your spring cleanup, be sure to mention that you want us to mulch your planting beds too!

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