Sitework and Drainage

Sitework and drainage are two specialized areas of excavation services that deserve their own page because they are so much broader in scope. Sitework encompasses all of the functions of excavation services as it pertains to a construction site. Anything involved in the exterior of a home construction project is considered Sitework. Drainage is a critical element of Sitework especially in a housing development.

Sitework and drainage services for general contractors and land developers.

The advantages we offer for new construction builders, general contractors and land developers is our material processing capability and resources that make us a one-stop shop for a sitework project.

On larger sites, we can bring in our gravel processing equipment and loam screeners to make the most use of the earth materials available on site. We will even buy back any additional loam or tailings at a fair market price and haul it away! If we are not processing earth materials from the site, we have thousands of yards of gravel, loam and stone in stock with a fleet of trucks to deliver them. Construction projects need not be delayed when Groundhog Landscaping is on the job!

Site drainage services for new and existing house lots.

Water is the prime shaper of the landscape. If redirected properly it can cause a lot of damage to construction and cause erosion. At Groundhog Landscaping, we provide a surprising amount of site drainage services for new and existing house lots. We solve water problems by regrading, installing footing drains and catch basins, shape culverts and build French drains. In an established residential neighborhood, we have an advantage over most excavation companies because we can repair any damage to irrigation systems, regrade and seed disturbed lawn areas or replace plants – leaving that much less for the homeowner to do when once drainage services have been completed.

Are you looking to develop a parcel of land or build new homes? Do you have trapped water in your yard or basement? Groundhog Landscaping can help! Give our landscaping office a call at (603) 437-4464 (option #1).

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