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When we ask new customers how they found us, they will often say “I saw your trucks around town.” Still, when we tell some folks about our excavation services, gravel processing and loam screening and landscape materials delivery operations they will say, “Oh! I didn’t know Groundhog was that big!” Strange, but true.

The fact is, we are heavily invested in trucks and earthmoving equipment. It only made sense to use equipment that we purchased for snow removal for processing and moving landscape materials when there is no snow.

Two locations – and lots of trucks – make us the best landscape materials delivery service around!

As of 2021, Groundhog Landscaping has two material supply yards – one in Londonderry and one in Derry – and an earth materials processing center in Chester, New Hampshire. We have 13 drivers on the road every day, and a variety of delivery trucks ranging from 8-yard dump trucks to tractor-trailer trucks with a 30-yard capacity. And this is mostly for gravel and loam delivery – 90% of our bark mulch deliveries are done using bark blowing trucks! Why move mulch twice if you don’t have to, right?

Feel free to use our landscape materials calculator tool to calculate the quantity of material you need!

Landscape Materials Delivery Pricing

Pricing for truck deliveries of all landscape materials are based on your zone (location) and quantity ordered. We ask that you please call the landscaping office at (603) 437-4464 to confirm delivery rates and scheduling.

ZONE1-7 Yds. 8-20 Yds.

Fuel Energy Recovery Charge

Due to rapidly increasing fuel costs, we must also add a Fuel Energy Recovery Charge to each delivery. Rates are based on the current market price for diesel fuel. After finding your delivery zone, use the table below to calculate your Fuel Energy Recovery Charge.

Market Fuel Price (Diesel)Fuel Recovery Fee
$4.00 – $4.99$7.50 per delivery
$5.00 – $5.99$15.00 per delivery
$6.00 – $6.99$22.50 per delivery
$7.00 – $7.99$30.00 per delivery
$8.00 – $8.99$37.50 per delivery

Bark Blowing Services Pricing

Bark mulch blowing services are calculated by the cost of the material + installation fee + delivery fee. Once you have selected your mulch and calculated the quantity, use the guide below to determine the total cost.

5-10 yds.
11+ yds.
1$60.00 + mulch$50.00 + mulch+ $100.00
2$60.00 + mulch$50.00 + mulch+ $125.00
3$60.00 + mulch$50.00 + mulch+ $150.00
4$60.00 + mulch$50.00 + mulch+ $175.00

The Nitty-Gritty on Bark Blowing Services

There is a 5-yard minimum on bark blowing services. You are only charged for the actual quantity used on your property. If you are already not on our spring cleanup program, please schedule your bark blowing service two weeks in advance or as soon as possible.

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