Tree and Shrub Programs

Trees and shrubs grow differently than grass. They need specialized care. Part of our vision when we formed Groundhog Turf Care was to provide a deeper level of plant care for our residential customers. Beyond basic bed maintenance, our tree and shrub programs identify and treat pest problems, deep-root fertilize and prune landscape trees and shrubs.

Tree and shrub programs without tree service prices.

When part of a complete landscape maintenance program, tree and shrub care is less expensive than hiring a tree company to perform the services. Tree services have very high insurance and high overhead costs. We are a landscape service that works on trees 25 feet and smaller. Groundhog Turf Care has a consulting ISA arborist trained in proper diagnosis of tree and shrub disorders, and service techs that are licensed to treat them.

What does our tree and shrub program consist of?

All that your trees and shrubs can be categorized into three areas. Our techs can perform any or all of these services as needed:

Groundhog’s complete solution for a tree and shrub program.

These horticultural services from Groundhog Turf Care, when combined with bed mulching and irrigation services from Groundhog Landscaping, provide everything that your landscape plants need to thrive. Try us out! The growth you’ll see from your trees and shrubs will amaze you!

To schedule a tree and shrub care assessment, call Groundhog Turf Care directly at (603) 505-8587 or send them a contact form here

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