On-Site Materials Processing Services

gravel processing equipment at Groundhog Landscaping

At Groundhog Landscaping, our trucks move will between 80 and 100,000 yards of screened loam and about 60,000 yards of clean fill each year. That’s a tall order. While our on-site materials processing equipment has the ability to produce that quantity, the challenge becomes finding the resources. This has prompted us to come up with some creative solutions for sourcing these landscape materials.

Partnerships With Site Development Contractors

Commercial site development is booming in southern New Hampshire. We have always found it beneficial to work with excavation companies and other landscapers – our “co-petitors” – to find a win-win situation for everyone. As a result, we supply landscape materials and other services to over 60 landscape companies in the area.

Providing loam screening services in Londonderry NH for Taurus Excavation
Providing loam screening services in Londonderry NH for Taurus Excavation

Cash flow is always a problem for site development contractors. In order meet this demand for materials, we have formed partnerships with companies like Severino and RH White Excavation where we provide the on-site materials processing and loam screening services in exchange for half of the finished product. This helps them to get the excavation and site work done without laying out cash to do it. In some cases, we have bartered trucking services from these large companies when our material delivery services are in high demand.

Gravel Pit in Chester New Hampshire

These on-site screening services will be scaled back starting in 2023, as we have just gotten final approval for a gravel pit Chester New Hampshire. The land sits on 18 acres and has an estimated 2.5 million cubic yards of landscape materials available. However, we will continue to find ways to work together with our partners to help them meet the needs of their businesses.

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