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Crushed stone drainage on residential home

Site Drainage Services from Groundhog Landscaping

At Groundhog, we are uniquely positioned to provide professional, cost-effective site drainage services because we have our own excavation division and gravel processing center. We can provide these services for clients with small lakefront properties to entire developments.

Here are some strategies that we may use for solving site drainage problems:

Dry River Beds and Permeable Stone

Incorporating dry river beds and permeable stone into a landscape design is a creative aesthetic way to deal with water drainage issues. Dry river beds are exactly as they sound – culverts filled with river rock meandering through planting beds. They redirect the water during heavy rain storms preventing a washout of the mulch or planting beds. Dry river beds are easily incorporated into the overall landscape design through native plantings and ornamental grasses.

Crushed stone used as a substitute for bark mulch around a residential home landscape
Using crushed stone as a substitute for bark mulch eliminates erosion problems

Permeable stone pathways and using crushed stone instead of bark mulch on planting beds is another great way to deal with water in an aesthetically appealing way. Permeable paver patios and driveways are recognized by site engineers as a viable site drainage solution for both residential and commercial applications. At Groundhog Landscaping, our hardscaping division installs permeable pavers professionally and efficiently.

Grading Solutions for Site Drainage Problems

Sometimes a drainage issue is a simple fix by re-grading the property for proper watershed. Effective grading involves setting the proper slope away from the home and possibly building in swales or berms to better channel the water in the direction it should go.

French Drains

French drains provide a solution when a pitched slope for drainage is not possible because of site restrictions. A French drain is installed in a low area and is composed of a perforated pipe that is sandwiched between free draining gravel and topped off with loam and seed. The water collects, drains into the subterranean trench, and is channeled away through the perforated pipe.

Catch Basins and Under-Drains

Similar to French drains, catch basins and underdrains are installed below grade to channel the water away from saturated areas. This underground drainage system uses a solid pipe instead of perforated and is capable of redirecting large volumes of water at a time, like water from gutter downspouts. A catch basin can function like a dry well, dispersing the water into stone; or we can tie a catch basin and underdrains system into your municipal storm drain network.

Catch basins and under drains redirect storm water trapped in lawn areas

What’s the Best Solution for Your Site Drainage Problems?

The best way to figure out what solution will work best to solve your site drainage problems is to call Groundhog Landscaping and schedule a consultation with our site estimator. He will evaluate the site and make site drainage recommendations that will work in your unique situation.

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