2023 Groundhog Predictions

Vern the Groundhog

Hey everybody! Vern the Groundhog here. I don’t often make blog posts, but I thought it necessary for me to weigh in on this subject. Hopefully, I can clear up some misconceptions about Spring, as well as the reputation of groundhogs everywhere.

Do yourself a favor – stop listening to Punxsutawney Phil.

February 2 – aka “Groundhog Day” – is a stressful time for winter- weary humans who desperately want spring. Much to-do is made about the prognostications from my cousin, Punxsutawney Phil from Pennsylvania, as to whether spring will come early or late. Two things about that:

  • Phil only works one day a year
  • Phil is wrong in his predictions over 40% of the time

So, stop listening to Phil and listen to me – Vern the Groundhog. Unlike my cousin Phil, I am working 365 days a year and have been for over 25 years. One thing I know is that Spring always arrives on time.

Spring is not determined by air temperature or snow events. Oh, sure – we may get a late spring snowstorm or two – but Spring’s arrival is not determined by air temperature or snow events; it has to do with soil temperatures and by a solar calendar, which year after year are very consistent and predictable.

Groundhog Landscaping’s team is always prepared for Spring.

Spring is by far the busiest season at Groundhog Landscaping. There is an urgency from the trees and turf as they wake up from dormancy; there is also an urgency from customers who desperately want to put winter behind them! If you are one of those customers, one thing you can do to help us prepare is to schedule your Spring landscape maintenance services as early as possible.

Spring Landscape Maintenance Services Schedule

Vern the Groundhog

Do you want an early Spring? Then remember my advice: Plan early, ignore my cousin Phil, and get excited – because it surely will be here before you know it!

Vern the Groundhog
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