Bark Blowing is the Best Way to Mulch

Groundhog Landscaping empoyee blowing bark mulch in a planting bed

Groundhog Landscaping sells a lot of landscape materials in the Londonderry New Hampshire area.

In the first few warm spring days after a long winter, our phone literally rings nonstop! Everybody wants to clean their yard quickly and put down a fresh coating of colorful mulch…and we can’t say we blame them!

Bark mulch deliveries have always been a large part of the landscape materials division. We have been known for having the best prices for  mulch varieties in the Manchester area and also for being able to provide fast delivery – usually within a day or two of ordering.

Many years ago we realized the urgency of Springtime mulching and invested in two bark blowing trucks. Each of these trucks can blow over 100 yards of mulch in a single day. Our bark blowing trucks have revolutionized spring cleanups for us and relieved some pressure on our landscape materials deliveries. If you want to wheelbarrow and spread the mulch in your planting beds yourself, we are happy to arrange a delivery for you at your convenience. Or, for a flat installation fee per yard, we can blow the bark mulch into your planting beds for you.

Blowing in mulch uses less mulch than spreading with a wheelbarrow and rake. We can put down a thin layer just to color it, or a thick layer to help retain moisture in the soil and prevent erosion. On the average, we install about an inch of fresh mulch yearly on existing mulch beds. Hiring a bark blowing service is a good idea for those sloped areas that are hard to reach with a wheelbarrow.

When you call Groundhog Landscaping for your bark mulch delivery this spring, ask about our bark blowing services – and let our trucks do the heavy lifting for you!

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