Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter in New Hampshire can be fun – but it can also be dangerous.

As seasoned commercial snow removal contractors, we have seen how unpredictable winter storms can be. When the snow is coming down at one or 2 inches per hour – you can even be lost in your own neighborhood! In storms like this, it is best to postpone traveling until it is over, especially if you do not have a four wheel drive vehicle. If you must be traveling, the next best thing you can do is to be prepared. Here are a few winter driving safety tips to keep in mind if you must travel during a winter storm:

Have a snow emergency kit. In the trunk of your car, you should have a snow shovel, small bucket or tag of traction sand, two warm blankets and signal flares case you go off the road or break down in a remote area.

Upgrade your car to winter gear. Of course, you should have an ice scraper and snow brush – but also consider buying four snow tires. In slippery conditions, snow tires can be the difference between getting up a hill or not. Also have winter windshield wiper blades installed. They are more durable against sand, salt and ice buildup. Keep a spare gallon of winter-grade wiper fluid in your trunk at all times.

Yield to snowplows. Keep in mind that if you have a hard time seeing the road during a storm, snowplow drivers will also. Use caution backing out of parking spaces and pulling out into roadways. Be especially aware of street plows, which have wing plows mounted to the sides of their trucks to push back the snow ridges.

At Groundhog Landscaping, we hope that you will be safe, so you can enjoy all the best that winter has to offer in New Hampshire!

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