Best Strategy Against Weeds

a field of dandelion weeds

As summer time approaches, with all of this dry weather, one thing is going to grow really well and that’s WEEDS. Don’t let them win! If weeds grow too long, they go to seed and then you are making next year’s problem worse.

Want some advice? Do a little weeding at a time. Take an hour each evening and do a section of your planting beds. Within two weeks, your yard should be under control. Pull the tallest ones first, then go back and get the little ones. If there’s a weed that’s too tough to pull out like a dandelion, don’t snap it off, leave it and get a pitchfork to loosen the tough ones. Then they’ll be easy to pull. After the bed has been weeded, sprinkle a little Preen down to take care of any weed seeds that may have loosened and fallen to the ground.

By far, the easiest way to deal with weeds is to call Groundhog Landscaping and sign up for our maintenance program! That way your yard will remain weed-free while you enjoy your summer evenings.

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