Flower Designs for Your Yard

Flower Designs
The best flower designs in New Hampshire use a combination of annuals and perennials

When it comes to flowers, there are hundreds of varieties with different colors, shapes, and sizes that can be combined into infinite flower designs. However, not all flowers bloom at the same time, and some are replaced year after year. Here’s a look at the different types of flowers, so you can make wise flower choices for the greatest impact:

Annuals: Botanists classify annuals as flowers that start and finish their life cycle in one growing season. In simpler terms, these flowers sprout, grow, bloom, and die all in one year and must be replaced each season. Despite this drawback, annuals bloom repeatedly throughout the season, offering a strong color display to shrub bed borders for five or six months. Popular annuals in New Hampshire include Impatiens, Petunias, Begonias and Zinnias.

Perennials: In comparison to annuals, perennials are flowers that grow back year after year. In their growth cycle, perennials focus on producing good, strong roots that weather New Hampshire’s cold winters. Unlike annuals, perennials only bloom for a limited amount of time – anywhere from two weeks to two months. However, they make great fillers for the flower bed and, if designed properly, can extend the bloom cycles beyond the frost that kills most annual flowers.

Popular perennial flowers in New Hampshire include Iris, Shasta Daisies, Brown-Eyed Susans and Daylilies. The appeal of perennials isn’t limited to flowers, though. Hostas and Heuchera add colorful foliage to any flower design, and there is a myriad of grasses that add rich texture and interest well into the first snowfall!

When creating a flower design for your yard, using a mix of both annuals and perennials gives you the best of both worlds: an eye-catching display without breaking the bank! Perennials that come back every year – saving you the cost of planting every year – and annuals that fill in the gaps with consistent color while you wait for the late-season perennials to bloom.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of designing a flower bed – and you just want to add color to your yard – Groundhog Landscaping is here to help! Send us an email here: https://groundhognh.com/contact-us/ or give us a call at (603) 437-4464.

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