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Extend Your Landscape Season With Ornamental Grasses

The landscape season in New Hampshire starts off with a bang in early spring with a showy display from flowering shrubs like Rhododendrons and Azaleas, to a host of ornamental trees such as Crabapples, Dogwoods and Callery Pears. Once the spring-flowering shrub display fades, summer brings on a kaleidoscope of color with herbaceous perennials taking …

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Residential and Commercial Landscape Design

Have you ever felt a sense of awe, tranquility, and inspiration while strolling through a city park, public garden or well-designed courtyard? You probably didn’t give it much thought – like listening to a song but not knowing why you like it. Like music composition, a professionally designed landscape is intentional. It is much more …

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paver patio and fire pit

What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping can be described as (n.) “non-living structures in the built environment that are incorporated into a landscape” and also (v.) “the process and operations involved in building hardscape structures.” We would also add that hardscaping is hard! Lifting tons of concrete and shoveling gravel in the heat of the summer is not for the …

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Summer Lawn Care Tips

As spring rolls into summer, the needs of your lawn change. Summer brings a shift in environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and evaporation. With these conditions come a host of summer turf problems not typically seen in spring or fall. We asked our turf care specialist, Nick Makris, to weigh in on some of …

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