Garden Weeding Tips

pitchfork method of pulling weeds
A pitchfork can be your best asset in pulling up tough weeds

Weeding your garden or flower beds can seem like an overwhelming task. You need the right weapons and the right strategy to win the “war of the weeds.” At Groundhog Landscaping, we are seasoned veterans in winning this war and would like to share some garden weeding tips with you.

First, gather your weapons:

  • Pitchfork
  • Steel garden rake
  • Grain scoop shovel
  • Wheelbarrow or tarp
  • Pre-emergent weed control
  • Non-selective herbicide

The secret to winning any war is “know your enemy.” Study their weaknesses:

  • 90% of garden weeds are annual – that is they start from seed and die at first frost
  • Weeds germinate and grow in different times of the year
  • Some weeds pull easily, others fight hard

Divide and conquer. The task becomes less daunting when you see the individual types of weeds instead of just a “weedy mess.” Use these weaknesses to develop a strategy:

  • Annual weeds can be controlled with a pre-emergent weed control that kills the seed
  • Pull weeds before they go to seed; preventing tens of thousands of new plants next year
  • Work the garden in sections; pull the easy ones, then use a pitchfork to loosen the tough ones

Use chemical controls as a second wave attack. Mechanically controlling weeds is your frontline attack. Afterwards you may want to follow up with the herbicide. It’s more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to do it that way.*

Once you have eradicated the enemy, now secure the perimeter with other cultural practices that will prevent weeds from spreading through your flower beds:

  • Maintain a crisp, deep bed edge to prevent grass from laying over and rooting into the bed
  • Blow clippings away from your mulch beds or use a bagger on your mower

It is our hope that you will take these garden weeding tips on to victory! If you’re not up to the fight, simply call Groundhog Landscaping. Between our landscape maintenance division and Groundhog Turf Care’s bed weed control service, we can keep your planting beds weed-free all season long.

*Always read and follow label instructions before using herbicides

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