How to Save Money on Lawn Care in New Hampshire

People occasionally ask us how to save money on lawn care. This is understandable – after all, people want to stretch their hard-earned dollars as much as they can. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on water, grass seed and fertilizer if they don’t have to. Is it really necessary to put down all that fertilizer on the lawn?

It’s a reasonable question. When people ask us, we always respond the same way: It is much cheaper to maintain a healthy lawn than to renovate a neglected one. The key to saving money is to be proactive with taking care of the turf, which in turn will keep the lawn healthier.

Lawns that have not been properly cared for tend to produce more weeds than grass. A stressed lawn will then invite grubs that feed on the struggling turf’s root systems. What follows after the grubs? Moles do, of course – which are looking for a juicy meal of overwintering insects after emerging from hibernation. At this point, the lawn is usually beyond saving.

Unfortunately, renovating neglected lawns can be a pricey process; in addition to bringing in new topsoil we would then hydroseed the area or lay down sod. If the lawn is not irrigated, we also strongly recommend installing an automated sprinkler system at that time to ensure the success of the new lawn. When all is said and done, a lawn renovation project costs the homeowner 5 to 10 times more than what a comprehensive turf care program would cost them annually.

Groundhog’s Turf Care division has the knowledge and experience to take a tired old lawn and make it look lush and green, as well as maintain an existing lawn and keep it happy and healthy. We use iron-infused, slow-release fertilizers that are ideal for New England soils, two effective crabgrass controls. Our grub controls are perfectly timed for when the insects are feeding. We test the pH level of the soil to be sure it is benefiting the most from every fertilizer application.

Once the lawn is in and growing well, Groundhog Landscaping’s maintenance division and irrigation techs keep an eye on the property in between applications of the fertilizers and weed and insect control products. If there is a spot that is not receiving as much water as the rest of the lawn, we can quickly diagnose and fix the problem by tweaking the irrigation system.

A robust lawn can defend itself against invasive weeds and destructive insects. If you think your lawn is beyond saving, call Groundhog Turf Care for a free evaluation. You may be surprised how quickly we can turn your lawn beautiful again!

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