Caring For Your Landscape Trees and Shrubs

Your trees and shrubs need care too. You’ll be amazed how a little attention will make them grow!

Ornamental tree and shrub care is essential for a healthy overall landscape.  Groundhog has designed a program with NH landscapes in mind.

Your landscape trees and shrubs are starving.  In the natural environment, deciduous trees provide nutrients for themselves by dropping their leaves each fall. This becomes a mulch that decomposes, turning into the basic nutrients that the plants feed on.  In home landscapes we remove all those leaves each fall and the plants slowly starve to the point they become stressed. A stressed plant will release pheromones which attract insects and diseases. Those pests in turn feed on the plant and in most cases will kill the plant. It is nature’s process of natural selection, but does it have to be that way in your yard?

Restoring the  balance in your landscape. Groundhog Landscaping and Groundhog Turf Care can be your plant’s best friend. Our landscape maintenance division can apply a fresh covering of mulch every year, to prevent plant stress due to moisture loss. In the late summer, Groundhog Landscaping’s maintenance division can also provide pruning services when plant growth has slowed down.  Groundhog Turf Care will fertilize your ornamental trees and shrubs in the spring and again in the fall with a deep-root liquid fertilizer that is designed specifically to meet the nutrient needs of trees and shrubs. This is so necessary – and so often overlooked by homeowners. Fertilizing shrubs replaces the natural nutrients that are lost when removing leaf debris in the fall.

Once leaf-out begins, the pests will come. Our horticulture team will visit the property 3 times from May thru August. We spray your trees and shrubs with fungicides to protect against disease, and insecticides to prevent insect populations from getting out of control. Like turf insects, insects and diseases that attack trees and shrubs have life cycles.

Successful control of insects and disease depends on using the right application at the right time. Fungus will spread quickly in the spring with frequent rainfall when temperatures are in the 65 degree range. Aphids can have up to four generations in a season – control measures vary, depending on what stage the insect is at. Our tree and shrub care program concludes in the fall with a horticultural oil applied the plants to suffocate any overwintering eggs from this season’s insect population.

Discover the difference our tree and shrub care services can make in your yard! Contact Groundhog Turf Care for a free tree and shrub evaluation and quote for your landscape.

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