Lawn Irrigation Is the Secret to a Stunning Landscape

Is your yard protected from drought stress?

Lawn Irrigation Services in NH

One of the most important elements of a beautiful lawn is adequate watering. Without a lawn irrigation system, it is difficult to get a consistent, calibrated delivery of water – which can subject the lawn to periods of drought stress or disease.

Groundhog Landscaping has been providing lawn irrigation services in New Hampshire for over 20 years. In fact, irrigation one of the first services we added after we opened our landscape maintenance division. We have installed over 1500 irrigation systems, and rarely do we do a landscape construction project without installing one. They are that important to having successful landscape.

Would you like drip with that? Everybody knows irrigation systems are great for turf. You can always tell the house in the neighborhood that has a lawn sprinkler system because the grass is green all summer. But what about the trees and shrubs? Perhaps the best benefit of an irrigation system is what it does for landscape plants.

Drought stress stunts plant growth. In a drought, landscape plants have no choice but to consume their own water resources from leaves and stems. Without adequate water, they essentially go dormant. However, with an underground drip irrigation zone added to your system, your landscape trees and shrubs will double the growth because they are not subjected to drought stress!

The perfect amount of water… every time. One of the best advantages to a lawn irrigation system is the ability to calibrate the water according to the season. Trees and shrubs require deep watering, thus a lower volume of water is distributed over a longer period of time. Turf watering cycles vary from daily in the spring to deep watering every other day in the summer to avoid fungus. All of this is easily managed with an irrigation controller.

If you already have an irrigation system and would like to have a drip zone added – no problem! We can upgrade most irrigation systems with more modern advanced watering technology.

Groundhog Landscaping has irrigation maintenance services too! Lawn irrigation systems in New Hampshire need a minimal amount of maintenance. We provide irrigation startup services every spring and irrigation winterizing services every fall for hundreds of clients. Our service techs are some of the best in the industry at diagnosing problems, repairing components, and upgrading old irrigation systems.

Call us today for a free, no obligation evaluation of your irrigation system!

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