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Which one of these items should not be on your to do list?

A. Rake leaves
B. Cleanup sticks
C. Mulch beds
D. Sweep stone dust into walkway

If you guessed “D.” you are right. In fact, after a walkway is installed, you shouldn’t have to do anything to it. But alas, the cracks are exposed and it just doesn’t look as good as it used to. Not only that, but this summer weeds are going to grow out of the cracks and you are going to have to pull them out. Which of course takes the stone dust out the cracks that you have to sweep back in the spring.

Let me give you a little trade secret that will forever end this cycle of insanity, or bonding with your walkway (however you choose to look at it.)

First of all, stone dust is the wrong material to sweep in between your bricks. It holds water and grows weeds very well. I have actually seen shrubs growing out of a walkway that started from a seed! There is a product called Polymer Sand that is made specifically for walkways and patios. It’s really wonderful stuff, because it fills the joint completely and, after it has been washed in, it hardens up like a grout. Weeds can’t take root in it, it never washes out, and it even will prevent the lazier ants from burrowing through it.

What you must do is use a pressure washer to remove all the stone dust in between the bricks. After the bricks have dried, sweep in the Polymer Sand in cross sweeping patterns. Remove the excess and wash in the sand. Be careful not to let it build up and dry on the surface of the bricks. It can be difficult to remove after it dries. Polymers Sand comes in a tan color in the gray color to complement the color of your brick pavers.

If your walkway needs a facelift, or if you want a patio that is built to last, call us today! Don’t forget to check our seasonal specials menu to save money on our other services as well.

NH Brick Walkways

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