Planning Your Landscape Construction Project

If done correctly, Landscape Construction can increase your home or commercial property value.

Landscape Construction Services

Getting a new look for your home or commercial property requires vision and real-world experience to know what looks good in New Hampshire. As you consider putting your landscape construction project out to bid, here are some tips that the landscape designers and estimators at Groundhog Landscaping want you to know:

Start with a plan. If you are undertaking a large project, always have a professional draw a landscape plan to scale with details regarding plant species and sizes and construction materials defined.

Get several quotes. A landscape plan allows you to compare apples to apples pricing when hiring a contractor for your construction project. But price isn’t everything! Check references and ask to see several projects that are more than two years old. This is your landscape, and you want it done right.

Know your budget. When you’ve got a realistic idea of what your landscaping project costs are, figure out if it is feasible to do all in one year. At Groundhog Landscaping, we can set reasonable benchmarks for you to phase-in a large construction project over several years.

Guarantees and maintenance. Another good question to ask is what kind of guarantees are given on the workmanship and/or products installed. If the landscape contractor will have subcontractors installing certain aspects of the project (like irrigation), what are the warrantees associated with that? It’s also important to know if the company has an ongoing landscape maintenance program, and what the costs are associated with that.

Groundhog Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company based out of Londonderry New Hampshire. We perform all landscape construction services, as well as ongoing maintenance, with in-house crews. Clear communication and customer service has always been a top priority with us. We hope that you will give us an opportunity to bid on your project!

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