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Here comes the snow!

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After the unexpected snow storm we had at the end of October, New Englanders know that it’s never too early to begin preparing for winter snow storms!

Like it or not, winter and NH snow storms are inevitable. Right now, the final leaves are falling from the trees and the air has that damp-to-the bone feeling. We have been busy preparing our fleet with plows and readying our equipment for what lies ahead.

While Groundhog Landscaping is exclusively a commercial snow removal company, we’d like to offer some useful tips that will keep your driveway safe and get the most out of your snow plowing service this winter.

Storm preparation

  • Place driveway markers 1 foot in from the edge of one side of your driveway. Mark any obstacles that may be in harms way such as well covers, propane tanks or low retaining walls.
  • Keep a good supply of ice melt on hand. It’s not uncommon for stores to run out of ice melt when you need it the most. An average winter in New England sees about 12 storms. Plan ahead, and keep four or five bags on hand at the beginning of the season.
  • If you have a steep slope to your driveway keep a bucket of salt sand (it’s usually free if you get it at your town yard.)

During a storm

  • If you have cars parked in your driveway find out ahead of time where your plow driver would like them located during a storm.
  • Shoveling in front of your garage doors is a nice gesture that allows your snow plow driver to do a clean back scrape.

After a storm

  • Remove any light snow that may have accumulated after the driveway was plowed. The key to an ice-free driveway is to remove all the snow. Removing even one inch of snow can speed up to drying time for your driveway.
  • Apply ice melt to the driveway after it has been plowed. Keep an eye on the forecast. If the week ahead calls for frigid weather, be generous with your ice melt. The next time your snow plow driver comes through, the ice layer should pop right up.
  • Spread salt sand when temperatures stay below 20°. This will ensure good traction until the ice has a chance to melt.

Every season in New England has its challenges and things to look forward to. Football season, the holidays with family and friends, and eventually, the snow melting with the coming of spring. If the weather was the same all the time, let’s be honest – we’d be bored! That’s what being a New Englander is all about.

Our best wishes to you this holiday season!

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