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Seasonal Color Manchester NH

There is perhaps nothing more spectacular than the display of flowering trees and shrubs in New Hampshire in springtime. For six weeks, Mother Nature’s “fireworks of flowers” continues its dramatic seasonal color shows. And then, come mid-June it all stops. Most of the flowering trees and shrubs used in New Hampshire landscapes are spring flowering and have short-lived bloom cycles. To fill in that “no-color gap,” our commercial clients often hire us for seasonal color services.

The economic benefits of landscaping in the home real estate market has been known for quite some time. A carefully manicured landscape can increase a home value as much as 14%. But what about the commercial market? Is there any economic benefit for commercial clients?

When it comes to commercial landscaping, the best return on investment for commercial property owners comes from adding seasonal color. While it seems extravagant, studies have shown that consumers visit well-landscaped retail outlets more often and spend up to 7% more than stores without. Employee morale and performance improves when they in a work environment that is softened by foliage and color. Condominium associations can command a higher rent by having attractive grounds and color at the entrance signs.

Seasonal color services for commercial properties can involve a combination of annuals or perennials in the planting beds of high visibility areas. This can be anything from entrance and wayfinding signs to annual pots of color around a pool or restaurant entrance.

Are seasonal color services expensive? The secret to not busting the budget with seasonal color is prioritizing. Since annual flowers are the most expensive, carefully consider groupings in the most high-impact areas. Typically, annuals like impatience, petunias or begonias are planted in the spring then pulled up and replaced with mums in the fall. If that busts the budget, perhaps use only spring annuals or fall mums. Commercial properties can also supplement seasonal color by adding long-blooming summer perennials like Daylilies or Brown-Eyed Susans. While the initial cost of perennials may be higher, they pay for themselves by returning year after year.

If you think your commercial property needs a face-lift, give our office a call to schedule a seasonal color consultation with a Groundhog Landscaping representative.

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