Weed Control!

Weeds!You know they’re coming. It happens every year and you dread it. I’m not talking about the relatives at the holidays. I’m talking about- yes, you guessed it- weeds. Wherever there is dirt and water there will be weeds. To help you in your War of the Weeds this year allow me to offer a little insight into weeds and how to control them.

There are two kinds of weeds, annual and perennial. Annual weeds come from seeds that blow in or are present in new soil. All they need is a little water and sun. 90% of your weed problems come from seed. The trick to controlling annual weeds is to get them before they germinate.

A pre-emergent weed control called Preen is available in most garden centers. Sprinkling it on new soil or raked bark mulch in early spring will prevent annual weeds from germinating. It can also be used if weeds are problem in cracks between bricks in your walkway or patio. Be sure to read the instructions and put down the right amount. The best time to do it is just before you spread new mulch.

Perennial weeds are harder to control. If they have not become too well-established, they can be pulled out by hand. Be sure to get the root because that’s how perennial weeds will spread. Perennial weeds will often flower and can be showy. But to me, if the flower isn’t where you want it to be, it’s a weed.

If the area has become overrun and pulling them out by hand more work than you want to even think about, use a non-selective herbicide like Roundup. This product will travel down and kill the root. If you have some weeds that are woody like blackberries or poison ivy, you should use Ortho Brush Kill or a similar product meant for poison ivy. This can also be used to prevent sapling stumps from coming back by painting a small amount of the concentrate right under the bark layer after a fresh cut. Beats digging out a stump!

What about weed fabric? My observation about weed fabric is that the weeds grow on top of it and it always seems to catch the rake when you’re spreading mulch. I call it “creative landfill.” Weed fabric also interferes with the natural decomposition process necessary for healthy soil. However, I do use it under gravel or to smother a persistent weed problem like raspberries or bamboo.

Your Spring Punch List

-fertilize shrubs
-apply Preen to control weeds in shrub beds
-bark mulch to beds with trees and shrubs

Early June

-install new trees and shrubs
-plant annual flower color
-mow lawn

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