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Do you feel like your backyard could use a makeover? Do you have great space but aren’t sure what to do with it? Would you like to extend some of your home elements into the backyard? If so, then you might want to consider landscaping your backyard.

There are numerous ideas and ways to create the yard of your dreams that can be both beautiful and functional. If you want a serene get away or a place for the kids to play, or maybe a little of both, there are some steps you should take to create the yard of your dreams.

Before you do anything, decide how you want the space to be used. Measure the area and  decide what you would like to have in that area. If you have a postage stamp size backyard it would be impossible to create a large playground, however you might be able to create a small garden getaway. You may not be able to get everything you want into the area, but knowing the purpose you want to use it for will go a long way in the planning process.

Next, look at how much space you have available and what plants or elements you want in your yard. At this point you might want to also take a look at the soil and other elements related to how well certain plants will do. Decide how much sunlight your yard gets, how much rain, and the soil composition. Make sure you choose plants that will thrive in your yard’s conditions.

Sketch out what you want your yard to look like. Have some fun, create mini gardens and walkways. Add in any special shrubs you would like as well as decide what plants you want where. If you want any structures, decide where you want them to go. This could include something as simple as a bench or as intricate as a fountain or covered patio. Remember to use measurements to see how well things will fit and try turning them or placing them at varying angles. Get creative, if you want to add certain plants but won’t have room; try making curved areas or an elevated plant area. Even container plants can be a great way to incorporate what you want.

Take a look at the existing features. If you have an old cooking pit decide if you want that in your design or if it can be removed. The same goes with existing trees and shrubs. Keep in mind that it may be impossible to remove some items from your yard and you may have to include them into your design. If you have a shed or other outdoor building, it is easier to create your design around these buildings then to try to move them. With some creativity you can fit everything you would like into a great backyard.

Be sure to contact Groundhog Landscaping early in the spring. We’d be happy to help you design a landscape that fits your style and budget.

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